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Up to 40 tons and dozens of feet long, 18-wheelers are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. While truck drivers are just regular people, they're also behind the wheel of a vehicle the weight and size of a train car. Even one mistake can lead to a devastating truck accident. When trucking companies or truck drivers cause harm to drivers, they need to be held accountable.

The award-winning Leah Wise Law Firm knows first-hand how terrible truck accidents are. Our Edinburg truck accident lawyer represents the victims of tractor-trailer crashes, helping them get the money they need for medical care, lost wages, and more. If you've been in an 18-wheeler accident or another type of auto accident, you need an advocate. You need The Leah Wise Law Firm.

Why Are Truck Accident Claims So Complex?

Accidents involving commercial vehicles can be much more complicated than those between regular passenger vehicles for several reasons:

  • Federal regulations: There are strict federal laws that regulate how trucks operate, from their rest breaks to required maintenance.
  • Catastrophic injuries: Truck accident injuries are typically more catastrophic and can cause serious life-altering injuries.
  • Multiple liability: There can be multiple parties who are liable, from the truck driver to the trucking company, to the party who loaded or secured the cargo.
  • High-stakes insurance claims: Insurance companies that insure commercial trucks have deep pockets and often force victims to settle for less than what they deserve.
  • Complex investigations: Investigating the source and cause of a truck accident requires extensive resources and knowledge of commercial vehicles.

To properly investigate and pursue an effective truck accident claim, you will need an experienced attorney who knows how to approach every facet of a claim - from the investigation all the way to negotiation with difficult insurance companies.

What Are the Common Types of Truck Accidents?

Due to the sheer size of trucks, a collision with a pedestrian or passenger vehicle can cause substantial injury to individuals and damage to property. There are also many components of a truck that can play a part in the collision of a truck.

Some of the most common types of truck accidents include:

  • Jacknife accidents: This occurs when a big rig folds into a 90-degree angle, and is often caused by sudden braking.
  • Wide turn accidents: Although truck drivers must make wide right turns to avoid crashing into objects nearby, some cars or pedestrians may end up trapped in the right side space in between if a driver is not attentive.
  • Blind spot accidents: Trucks have more blind spots than regular vehicles because of their size. If a driver fails to check their blind spots while changing lanes, reversing, or making turns, this can cause serious injuries.
  • Underride accidents: If a smaller vehicle collides into a truck, the car can be stuck underneath the truck's trailer.
  • Tire blowout accidents: Since tires have to support the massive weight of a truck, blowouts can occur - either through a tire defect or from lack of maintenance.
  • Rollovers: If a truck driver loses control and brakes suddenly, the whole vehicle can roll on its side and collide into nearby cars.
  • Crashes caused by cargo: When cargo is overloaded or improperly loaded, a driver can have trouble steering/braking, and cargo can fall off.

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Truck Accident?

Commercial truck accident claims can be complex because there are many parties involved. Liability can fall on one person, or multiple parties depending on the actual cause of your accident.

Liable parties in a truck accident claim can include:

  • The truck driver, for negligence such as drunk driving or exceeding the maximum driving hours allowed
  • The trucking company if they failed to conduct routine maintenance
  • The truck manufacturer for defective parts that caused your crash
  • Third party such as the cargo loading company if they improperly loaded cargo that caused the accident

Investigating truck accidents require extensive resources and consultation with a variety of experts. Work with an experienced attorney who can help you uncover the cause of your accident, and help you pursue compensation from all the liable parties involved.

What Compensation Can I Recover After a Truck Accident?

Those who have been injured by negligent truck drivers or trucking companies can seek compensation for a variety of losses stemming from the accident.

Victims of truck accidents can pursue compensation for:

  • Current medical care
  • Ongoing medical bills
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation costs
  • Home or personal care if you require in-home assistance
  • Damaged property (such as a totaled vehicle)
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity if you have a permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering

What Is the Average Settlement for an 18-Wheeler Accident?

The aftermath of an 18-wheeler truck accident can be devastating, both physically and financially. Depending on the severity of the accident, the resulting damages can range from minor injuries and property damage to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. In Texas, truck accident settlements can range from several thousand dollars to millions, depending on various factors such as the extent of the damages, liability, and insurance coverage. For instance, if the accident results in severe injuries or wrongful death, the settlement amount can be in the millions. Additionally, if the 18-wheeler driver was at fault, the settlement can be higher. It's important to note that getting a fair settlement requires the expertise of a qualified Texas truck accident lawyer who understands the complexities of such cases and can fight for the victim's rights.

If you have been injured in a truck accident and need a strong advocate on your side, turn to our 18-wheeler attorneys at The Leah Wise Law Firm for guidance. We fight to maximize your compensation so you can recover with peace of mind.

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