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McAllen Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Helping People Recover from Life-Changing Accidents in the Rio Grande Valley

Catastrophic injuries are, by definition, life-changing. When someone suffers a catastrophic injury, they've suffered a permanent loss of their quality of life, of their ability to live and move and think. When people are facing lifelong consequences, they deserve justice. They deserve a chance to hold accountable the people who did it to them. That's what we provide our clients at 956 Abogada.

Our McAllen catastrophic injury attorney leverages incredible resources and skill to help the victims of devastating accidents fight for what they need. Many victims of catastrophic injury have treatment costs that can reach up to $1 million or more—amounts that few families can pay and no family should pay. Our goal is to make sure it's the insurance companies and at-fault parties who pay for your losses, not your family. 956 Abogada covers the cost of our clients' cases, allowing them to focus on recovering while we handle the paperwork and investigation. Don't worry about the cost; you only pay if we win.

Call (956) 232-2349 for a free consultation. The CrashGal at 956 Abogada is happy to answer your questions, lay out your options, and help you make the best decisions for your future.

Non-Economic Damages & Life-Changing Injuries

More than money, people who suffer catastrophic injuries want justice. They want to know that what happened to them won't happen to anyone else. In cases involving catastrophic injuries, courts allow juries to issue punitive damages—awards specifically designed to punish the defendant and benefit you.

Why does this matter? Because punitive damages are the only way that regular people are able to hold big companies accountable for the harm they cause. Insurance companies only speak one language, and punitive damages is how people like us communicate that their behavior is unacceptable.

Whether you're suffered a life-altering injury from a car accident, construction accident, or another type of accident, we're here to help.

Call the CrashGal! Speak with an award-winning catastrophic injury lawyer at 956 Abogada today by calling (956) 232-2349 or using our short online form.

Client Testimonials

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    “They're very professional, and they're highly recommended as one of the best firms in Texas.”

    - Omar V.
  • Leah Wise Handled My Case With the Utmost, Professional Integrity

    “My name is Israel G. and I was involved in a car accident during which time I was rear ended in May of 2017. Leah Wise handled my case with the utmost, professional integrity. Her tenacity in my case ...”

    - Israel G.
  • I Have to Say Hiring Leah Has Been the Best Decision I Have Ever Made

    “I have to say hiring Leah has been the best decision I have ever made. Great customer service she really knows her stuff and is very helpful in times of need. Trust me when I say Leah Wise is the best ...”

    - Mark M.
  • Hard Working, Strong, Tough, Beauty and Brains Attorney

    “Hard working, strong, tough, beauty and brains attorney! Will end your case on a very strong positive outcome! Make The Wise Choice call the #CrashGal!”

    - Maribel D.
  • She's Calm, Professional and Totally on Top of Her Game

    “I referred a friend to her with a very complicated case and she handled it perfectly. She's calm, professional and totally on top of her game.”

    - Cosmo T.