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Every single company, corporation, business, or property manager has a certain duty which they owe to their staff, customers, and any other guests: Ensuring the property is completely safe to accommodate visitors. If this critical requirement is not followed and someone is injured on account of the property’s dangerous environment, then the owners are obliged to financially compensate for all the damage created by their negligence.

When you have sustained an unfortunate injury on account of someone else’s irresponsibility, know that The Leah Wise Law Firm is ready to fight for your rights. Our McAllen premises liability lawyer is equipped with the knowledge to defend your cause against corporations and insurance companies, big or small, which may try to excuse their fault. Count on us to handle your case with utter devotion, so that we can prove to the court your right to receive equitable payment for your losses.

Premises Liability Laws in Texas

When seeking to establish a liability claim for a personal injury which occurred on the premises you were visiting, it is critical to demonstrate your own reason for being there. This is because Texas liability laws define the legal duties of managers differently, based on the reason why you were on the property in the first place.

These primary classifications include being a:

  • Licensee – If you have the owner’s consent to be on the property, but are not there for a commercial purpose, you are known as a “licensee.”
  • Invitee – If you have the owner’s consent to be on the property and are specifically there for commercial purposes which benefit both you and the owner, you are known as a “invitee.”
  • Trespasser – If you do not have the owner’s consent to be on the property, you are illegally trespassing, which means that the owner does not have to secure your safety.

Premise Definitions in Texas

Another critical aspect for establishing a premises liability claim is figuring out what kind of premises you were on when you were injured. The sidewalks, lawns, and external buildings or structures all count as being part of a person’s premises. Thus, the manager or owner should be responsible for taking care of these as well. Both private residential properties (like swimming pools or houseboats) and private commercial properties (like retail stores or stadiums) are all susceptible to premises liabilities. Public properties, such as public roads or parks, count under Texas law as well.

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Navigating Complex Situations

Many owners attempt to claim that they did not specifically give you permission, in an attempt to pass the blame on to you by claiming you were a trespasser. However, in most situations, a business, company, or similar premise is open to public licensees or invitees, who may not have been individually invited by the owner but are legally allowed to be there as potential customers or guests. In these tricky scenarios, it is essential to have our knowledgeable McAllen premises liability attorney by your side to defend your purpose for being on the premises and demonstrate that the owner is the one at fault for their irresponsible lack of care.

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