Uber Accidents

ARE YOU AN UBER OR LYFT DRIVER? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A PASSENGER IN UBER OR LYFT? Here is what you need to know about Uber and Lyft accidents! #crashgal #texasabogada


With so many of us using rideshare companies to get around these days, it's important to know what to do in case you get in an accident while you're in an Uber or Lyft.

The first and most important thing that you should know is that if you're involved in an accident while in an Uber, DO NOT leave the scene.

Make sure that you stick around and call the police so that a police report is made.

Second, you should take pictures of all the vehicles involved in the accident, including the Uber that you're riding in.

After you've taken photos of all the vehicles involved in the accident, try and get the contact information of any witnesses, and make sure that you stick around and talk to the police and give detailed accounts as to how the accident occurred.

Next, if you think that you've been seriously injured, it's important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

And remember, that the adrenaline of an accident can make the pain from an injury. So if you're not feeling pain at the moment, that does not mean that you're not injured.

Now, if you happen to be the driver of the Uber and you're injured in an accident, caused by the negligence of another vehicle, please know that you also have rights.

Lastly, make sure you call a personal injury attorney who has experience working with Uber and Lyft accidents.

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