What to Do If You've Been in an Accident

These may seem obvious but in the midst of confusion and panic, you might forget to take some necessary steps if you're the victim in a car accident. If you're unsure or worried about the accident scene, call me. I'll be able to answer your questions and get you immediate assistance! Drive safe everyone! #CrashGal


Hi Everyone!

Welcome back. I'm Leah Wise, I'm CrashGal.

And I've been asked recently, "Why Crash Gal?"

The answer is simple: I know what to do in case you're ever the victim in a car accident.

Today, I want to go ahead and highlight a few points on what to do if you ever find yourself in that situation.

First, always call the police. It is so important to have that documentation handy in case you ever need it in the future.

Second, take pictures of all cars involved in the entire accident scene. We all carry our camera phones around these days, so take a few pictures to have as much evidence as possible.

And third, absolutely call an attorney. If you ever find yourself in that situation, or you're scared or confused at the accident scene, call CrashGal. I'd be happy to help through the situation and get you on your way to a speedy recovery.